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Dead Effect: A madfinger killer first person shooter from Bulkypix

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Bulkypix studio’s intention through Dead Effect is very clear: Cut off the horn of Dead Trigger 2 and raise the bar for Madfinger games. For achieving it, they purposefully blended console like killer graphics, unparalleled plot, intuitive controls and highly violent missions to a zombie killing theme.

Comparison with Dead Trigger:

Graphics: Top-notch visuals accompanied with eye-popping detailing, great draw distance, realistic reflections and shadows etc. Zombies look very aggressive and scary. Bloodshed also looks life-like. Dead Trigger 2 is far behind this game in terms of graphics.

Sound: Resembles Hollywood movies in every aspect. For best results, use headsets or earphones. No glitches, intensity bugs etc. experienced yet. Even armor sounds sound great!

Gameplay: Dead Effect is the best first person shooter I ever tested. The game delivers a different experience which creates addiction. Missions are not unplayable hard. Controls are really intuitive and resemble handheld consoles. The game proves that FPS games are suitable for touch screens too.

Tailpiece: Dead Effect is the best game released for iPhone and android. I recommend this game to everyone. It is such an awesome game!


  • Great graphics with sufficient draw distance
  • Amazing movie like sound effects
  • Touch controls are really intuitive


  • Uses lion's share of CPU and RAM
Ease to access guides and manuals:




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Space can be really deadly, especially when you have been in a state of hibernation for quite some time, have woken up in your spaceship, and it is inhabited by zombies eager to bite you. Dead Effect is a survival shooting horror game, clearly influenced by Dead Space, Doom and Science Fiction movies. The game has been developed by Bulkypix studios and is available to download for free on Android and iOS platforms.

Imagine you are in the future, the year 2045 exactly, and after being in a state of hibernation for 178 days, the population of the ship has turned into space zombies. Your role as a member of the Unit 13 is to survive and discover what happened, avoiding being eaten by your old partners.

About the graphical aspect, the visuals of Dead Effect 3D are outstanding. The in-game 3D HD modelling is top notch for mobile games, even rivaling console games. Nevertheless, it is not strange that the game is going to be released for PC via a Steam download. The environments are very detailed, giving a successful impression, even using claustrophobic elements fighting in close stages. Due to its graphically outstanding part, Dead Effect requires a higher RAM use, at least 160MB free for running the game without drops in the frame rate.

High-quality graphics for mobile devices
High-quality graphics for mobile devices


Dead Effect features the standard control mechanics for FPS games developed for mobile touch interfaces. Movement control is placed as a virtual pad on the left part of the screen while the action buttons for shooting, reloading and additional skills are found on the right. There are some events during the game that will require you to tap or swipe on the screen to open locks or dodge bosses' attacks. The game controls will be adapted for the PC version.

The AI of the enemies is plain; most of the zombies will approach you slowly and won’t attack until they are within hand range. The variety of enemies during the game includes simple biohazard infected ones, crawling bodies and giant zombies based on soldiers of the spaceship. For dealing with them, you will have a good weapon arsenal, featuring shotguns, regular guns and a powerful electric gauntlet for close combat.

The single player campaign will give you around 5 hours of gameplay exploring the ESS Meridian. The Arena game mode will put your skills to test when it comes to defeating hordes of enemies, allowing you to use your special powers to slow down time in your favor. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer mode, which would have improved the game with online content.

Shoot them before coming too close
Shoot them before coming too close

Dead Effect 1.2.1 Features

Check out the main Dead Effect features for mobile devices to download:

  • Survive the events of the ESS Meridian and deal with the mysteries of the ship's infection
  • Enjoy 5 plus hours of real-time single player campaign in a pressurized space environment
  • Make the most of your mobile device for the 3D HD textures for smartphones or tablets and the upcoming PC version
  • Use your Bullet Time ability to slow down time and eliminate your enemies without causing yourself any harm
  • Unlock the different achievements in the Arena Mode shooting all the infected enemies

If you are one of those enthusiasts of space zombie games, you can discover additional details by visiting the .

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements to run Dead Effect on your mobile device:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3, iOS 6 or later
  • Size: 490MB free space on the device