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  • Well, im not sure exactly. I would play more games like it provided they weren't for android devices only. maybe you can tell me how to go about it?


Why would you think anything except to give those filthy zombies exactly what they deserve? Dead Route is a simple zombie action-shooting game with loads of action lapsing after the world’s apocalypse. Survive this mayhem on earth using your weapons against the crawling dead that try to take you down to their side. The game is available to download for free for Android and iOS software online platforms.

Sometimes the best defense is a good attack. Imagine a world full of blood-thirsty zombies trying to catch you with their infected arms. No one could want to face that grisly death, so in order to keep being alive our dear main character draws her guns defeating all in front of her, almost with no help.

In general terms, the HD graphics will suffice for any player that will put their hands on this addictive title.

This game, created by Glu game studios undoubtedly counts on a great graphical design. The characters’ modelling looks really good on screen even though they can be kind of simplistic. The stages are usually loaded with elements to avoid, aside from the undead menace. In general terms, the HD graphics will suffice any player that will put their hands on this addictive title to download.

Open fire while you can
Open fire while you can


Dead Route combines several genres in just one game, which makes it worth a try. On one hand, you can consider it an endless runner since the main character will go on automatically while you step from side to side avoiding zombies and obstacles. On the other hand, the action content part is really high, aiming and tapping on the enemies with the aim of shooting them all. Additionally to the weapons, you will find grenades for killing groups of zombies.

The zombie killing Dead Route allows you to strategize your way out from the army of undead creatures ahead. For this, you can customize your character with new costumes, abilities and weapons. This will be necessary in further stages in which the army of zombies will be tougher. Avoid being caught by these zombies by opening fire on them before they are too close.

While you progress through the game, new areas will be open, as well as the access to special items. The game counts with the usual energy system from freemium games, which will require you to purchase in the in-app store in order to continue playing once all the energy has been used. Dead Route includes the option for sharing your results via Facebook, displaying your score in the online leaderboard.

Customize your character against the zombie threat
Customize your character against the zombie threat

Dead Route 1.3.2 Features

These are the main features of Dead Route for mobile devices running iOS or Android:

  • Action shooting game with fast-paced gameplay based on endless runner titles
  • Survive the mayhem on Earth against an army of zombies in challenging stages to discover
  • Get prepared customizing your weapon arsenal with new dual guns and grenades
  • Escape from all the zombies using your abilities and strategies against undead hordes
  • Compare your score with your friends’ in the online leaderboard

For more information about Dead Route, you can always visit its .

Discover the whole map
Discover the whole map

System Requirements

Find the minimum resources required before the download of Dead Route:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3, iOS 6 or later
  • Size: 98MB free space on the device