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Away bloody zombie ! You do not eat me !!

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, April 11, 2016

Into the Dead, the pikpok study is a first-person game where you play a character who has survived a helicopter crash and falling in the countryside, among cornfields and forests. It begins as a film, By joining the ground after the accident to get control immediately, and kept an original way to start the style of PC games like Bioshock. What is the goal of the game? To survive, you'll have to put up, you lost in the middle of nowhere, so just, moving between hordes of zombies that will try to eat as it passes between them, avoiding them to save your life while you listen to their cries of hunger right next to you and you can not stop you, you must react quickly, search for weapons, aid and quickly end any threat that comes your way.

His control is very simple and very responsive, something basic in this game because your answer depends on you survive or not. It also offers different types of control to choose with whom you feel most comfortable. The game eventually may end up getting a little tired but as a film and is very well graphically by desiring will play occasionally. One thing you could do have to improve in this area is, for example having differentiating phases of rest, for example, bosses in which you could have a look back while running forward back while the final boss chasing right behind us or bonus stages in which you destrozaras zombies with your fingers directly on the screen, things like that, have given us extra fun point shooting.

The difficulty curve is very successful as initially leaves you believe that you are untouchable and nobody will end with you but as you progress, you will have to pay more and more attention to avoid being bitten.

The graphics are very elaborate and care are realistic graphics with a very accomplished dark touch that gives it that special "something" to the game, a game that for now, has not gone none like. As for the sound, it has just the one that has to have and as this is perfect.


  • Into the Dead will not takeoffs view of the screen with a setting very successful
  • While playing a great immersion is achieved in the game


  • Maybe more variety in the zombies could use
Ease to access guides and manuals:




What similar programs have you used?
  • i have not used any other programs when it comes to gaming besides steampowered, i only use reliable sight´s that i can trust for the best gaming experience.


You accidentally crash into the field, you climb out of the wreck of the helicopter and find out that you are surrounded by zombies. Into the Dead is a zombie running game in which you will have to run for your life, avoiding direct conflicts with the hordes of undead people ahead. The game is developed by Pikpok, and it is available as a free download for iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile app systems, as well as for Windows 8.1.

Outnumbered by wild undead, the best option is to get out of the place, running as fast as possible. Into the Dead outs you straight into the action, using your time wisely for surviving and running instead of wasting your time with apocalypse stories. Prepare yourself for the deadly menace of walking zombies through an open field. Discover how long you last before one of those undead creatures takes you down.

The heavy breath and the groans of the undead while you pass them by will be the things that puts more pressure on the player.

This first-person game offers great visual details, featuring an environment scaled in gray colors for creating a tense atmosphere. This thrilling graphical aspect goes along with the tense sound effects. The heavy breath and the groans of the undead while you pass them by will be the things that puts more pressure on the player.

Shoot them before they
Shoot them before they're too close


Take an initial look at the landscape to see the possibilities you have for surviving. Into the Dead offers different ways for the control scheme, using the tilt movement sensor of your mobile device, swiping toward a direction, or touching the side of the screen you want to turn. In order to kill the enemies, you have to them on them whenever they are in your attack range, using fire guns or melee weapons.

You can only control the way the character turns since he will be running automatically forward. The moment you start running, you will discover that you are unarmed, something undesirable once you are surrounded by enemies. Though the countryside you will get an arsenal of weapons, from a chainsaw to rifles, shotguns and machine guns.

The game will give you some missions and minigoals, in order to provide new challenges to the players instead of running on with no further reason at all. In case you find some mission that you can’t complete, you can pay a little price for skipping it. If you need even more challenges, you can share your score online with your friends, also online, and see which of you gets the highest run of all.

Into the Dead 1.8.2 Features

These are the unique features that you can find for Into the Dead:

  • High-quality HD in-game visuals and stunning sound aspect that will keep you in constant tension
  • Immersive atmosphere in which you will have to overcome your rising fear
  • Complete all the missions and additional minigoals in order to survive and get more weapons like a crossbow or a chainsaw
  • Compete against gamers from around the whole world in the global leaderboards
  • Software optimized for tablets and supported by average smartphones
  • Free-to-play digital download game with premium content to purchase in the online in-app store
  • Additional game modes will be added in further updates

Join the community of Into the Dead and discover more information about the game on its .

Too late for you!
Too late for you!

System Requirements

Here we have listed the requirements for running the app on your device:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3.3, iOS 5.1, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1 or later
  • Size: 33MB free on the device and additional for downloadable content