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Spider-Man Unlimited 1.0.2

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Spider man unlimited: Play it to unleash the kid in you!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Monday, October 20, 2014

First of all, a thousand thanks to PHPNuke for introducing such a nostalgic game title to my notice. When I was a child, I used to read spider-man comics appearing on weekly with great enthusiasm. As I grew up, spider-man stories came to me in the form of animated series, movies and games. But these new things could not find enough room inside my mind as comics did.

Spider-man unlimited is very special due to its extraordinary graphics, which resembles the old comic books. Its cartoony appearance with watercolor like shades could wake up the kid in me. Gameplay is very similar to Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 with running forward gameplay. All you have to do is to tackle villains and obstacles on your way bravely and thus reach the podium of final bosses.

If you are a Marvel superhero fan, Spider-man Unlimited is a must play game for you. I recommend this game to all of you as it can awaken your nostalgia. In short, it is simply awesome!


  • Comic book style graphics is awesome
  • Great sounds and game controls
  • A number of bosses available to fight


  • Repetitive missions may cause boredom
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The greatest heroes always come back to wherever they are needed, and that’s why Spider-Man has come to mobile systems. Spider-Man Unlimited is the last game of Marvel using this popular character, this time featuring the genre of runner games. The game is available to download for the major mobile systems, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Based on the latest animation series of Spider-Man, this game combines the classic background of the original comic with the renewed image of this version. Fight against the Sinister Six, the dangerous villains fighting against this hero featuring The Vulture, Green Goblin or Electro. You won’t be alone in your mission since different versions of the amazing Spider-Man will be available from the Spider-verse, adding new and powerful skills.

You won’t be alone in your mission since different versions of Spider-Man will be available from the Spider-verse

The general aspect of the game is superb, with a visual style that resembles the new TV series. The graphics of Spider-Man Unlimited are designed to be in cel-shading, supporting the impression of being in an animation show. Once you see the game running it goes smoothly, handling really well all the elements on stage at a decent speed. The levels are well detailed, brought from scenes of the Spider-Man universe, running on the rooftops of buildings or even in the middle of the street.

Nothing that he doesn
Nothing that he doesn't deserve


The gameplay of these games tends to be user-friendly for everyone, but in this case you will count with some extra actions that in later stages are difficult enough. The amazing Spider-Man runs automatically, and the player must help him by dodging dangers like obstacles or enemies that are on your run. Unlike in other games of the same genre, you can count with the superpowers of your hero, defeating enemies tapping on them and using your useful spider web for the wall-climb. Each stage has its own objective that the player must undergo, anything from eliminating a certain number of enemies or beating one of the final bosses.

As long as you progress during the game, you can unlock additional content such as new characters from the Spider-verse. You can level-up the different characters in order to improve their general capabilities. The storyline is explained through animated scenes between stages, featuring characters like Nick Fury that will guide you through the story.

Use your spider super powers
Use your spider super powers

Spider-Man Unlimited 1.0.2 Features

Take a look to the main features of Spider-Man Unlimited by Marvel:

  • Play the whole Spider-Man storyline against the Sinister Six from the different Spider-verses
  • Hand-drawn cel-shaded visual style which make it more similar to the original Marvel comic stories
  • Run free through the different stages like NYC or Paris in more than 100 missions
  • Enjoy the different gameplay using the astonishing powers of Spider-Man against enemies that menace the world
  • Collect the different amazing Spider-Man cards from across the entire comic-verse like the cosmic Spider-Man, Bag-Man and other brand-new versions
  • Fuse and level up the different cards to create the ultimate running Spider-Man through the different Spidey Ops
  • In-app additional content available to purchase, but it is not mandatory to keep the game free without further elements to download

Take a look at the developer’s web-page to get additional information about this game and similar titles.

System Requirements

These are the minimum resources to run Spider-Man Unlimited in your device:

  • Operating System: Windows Phone 8, Android 4, iOS 6 or later
  • Size: 92MB free space