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For what are you going to use the program?
  • testing some features in the game. debbuging, playing, having fun, how much more I do have to write down in this text box for christ sakes..

  • A.playing multiplayer sharing fun best game awsome coolest game in youtube i gest. and many of them play this game 99% like it more then i know

  • To download games so that my friends and i can illegally play the Expandabros during chemistry because our teacher is teaching us the same stuff as Physics

  • playing on rainy days with my friends while i blacksmith a needle witch is a type of sword and is supwer deadly to normal people so it is cool

  • ust for fun and having some awesome ness.also have so many friend, and get a girlfriend. with so many intense level, will practice to be more professional in game things

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have a used a lot of similar programs they are called 2d shooter games and it is very fun to play i enjow playing them all the time i think

  • actually i think that i have used and downloaded and played just only one ohter symilar program to this one the expandebros wich is broforce

  • broforce, word, chrome and a lot of other stuff that have been helpful. like thing such as i have listed be so here is my answer are you happy

What do you like most about this program?
  • very insteresting to play for the children.It promotes quick reflux amoung children.this improve the brain capacity.concentation improves much.

  • The program is fun and it keeps you busy sfor a long time. i always wanted to play one game by the BROS. Their games are fun and everyone enjoys them.

  • Just the availability and gratuity of the producers for the consumers. It's great, why is it that we need this many characters to get a free download?


  • its free thanks! and im looking forward to playing the games you have to offer to everyone i wish it could be like this on all the other sites


The Expendabros is a DCL of the Broforce game. Developed by Free Lives and edited by Devolver Digital. It is a crossover between Broforce and The Expendables movie. If we talk about adaptations of movie/videogame, Broforce perfectly fits with the Expendables. Excepting the graphics, that are pixel-art as in the main game, it is like a playable movie.

The more bros you rescue, the more bros you can use.

The characters that appear in this action game are very well developed in regards to the actors of the movie. This way, the fans of The Expendables will want to use them all. They look like their real-life actor but with pixels. In addition, the names have changed to adapt them to the "bro" experience. Thus, you will play with Broney Ross (Barney Ross) as a main characters, and others such as Lee Broxmas (Lee Christmas), Bro Caesar (Hale Caesar), Bronnar Jensen (Gunnar Jensen) or Broctor Death (Doctor Death) are playable characters and you will be free to control them.


The gameplay is quite simple since the controls are easy to use and the objectives are just two: defeating all the enemies and rescuing all your bros. You will start with a bro, and as you rescue other caged characters that appear in the levels, you will be able to play with more bros. The more bros you rescue, the more bros you can use. If you are successful in your rescue, you can change the character you are playing and you will get an extra life.

Each character relies on a standard attack that is based on the character in the movies. Apart from this, all characters have a secondary attack that is also based on the real characters. This way, you can shoot, throw bombs, stab enemies, or even use a flamethrower. You will spend the most part of The Expendabros testing all the guns, powers and attacks of your bros. After all, that is the funniest part of this action adventure.

To add fun to this action video game, all the sceneries are completely destructible. There are barrels, cans, walls, and everything can be bombed or whatever you want to do, to destroy them. Sometimes, you can cause havoc everywhere and it can be a bit difficult figuring out what is happening. The level of massacre you can cause is very high. However, the missions are linear, there are a reasonable quantity of checkpoints, so it is almost impossible that you will get bored when playing.

The Expendabros Full Version Features

The main features of The Expendabros are listed below:

  • Action gameplay: there are explosions, shots and havoc enough for the rest of your life
  • Ability to play with the character of The Expendables (in “Bro” version, of course)
  • Ability to destroy everything on your way
  • You can play alone as single-player or with your friends in in the local co-op
  • Pixel-art style
  • To download it, you need to have the main videogame

If you are interested in this adventure and you want to know more about it before you download it to your PC, take a peek on the official website .

System Requirements

In this section, you can read up on the minimum system requirements that your PC needs to download and play The Expendabros in a correct way:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or superior
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo or equivalent
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GT 330, ATI Radeon HD 3600 or equivalent
  • Hard Drive Space: 150 MB free on your PC