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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play the game itself for fun purposes. There will be no copyright tools or copying softwares used. As I said before, this is intended for

  • Playing Games And having fun so I can get scared. Is that a good enough reason beacause I don't know anything else at all to be honest. Really.

  • E.To play the game. I love horror but I do not have the money for it right now. Me and my friend are playing and we found this site. thank you

  • i am going to use the program for my entertainment, the simple graphic in game attracts me so much that i can't stand any more, i decide to download it now

  • I am going to use this program for playing at night time so it will be more thriilling,awesome and scary.Everybody says that this game is scary

What similar programs have you used?
  • nothing really. What I'm looking for is the game and not a review so please just download already. also, why do I need so many characters???

  • I have used several games like this, including sims, and many other things that are very fun. i also watch te channel GT live. It is very entertaining

  • i have used thinkpad to downlode lots of different games i love horror games like the neverending nightmare game i am about to download right now

  • haven't use any similar program because i rarely download game like this one, but maybe don't starve game and several indie games xadsadsdas

  • I've used sites like mega, mediafire, zippyshare, and filesonic to download my files but this time they didn't have this program on their site.

What do you like most about this program?
  • It's online and nonprofit so that means I can keep coming back for more! Although, I do not know why we need to us all of the characters just to download something...

  • I am a big fan of horror games and why do I need to answer this ? WTF Now it said 70 chars left,ok dude just let me download it ok ? thankss

  • The thing i like most about this game is that it is very exciting, funny and a little creepy when playing with friends and family at midnight

  • The "Pop-ups" and stuff. Also, how I can get this awesome and scary game for free. I just hope it's not going to give me any viruses because my computer is virus free as of now

  • scary games give the adrenaline rush every person knows and loves to experience when he or she discovers how this rush affects the body inside


Neverending Nightmares is a horror videogame developed and published by the indie company Infinitap Games. The creator, Matt Gilgenbach, suffered from depression and an obsessive-compulsive disorder some time ago, and he has wanted to express the feeling that his disorders caused him in this videogame. The depression was caused by the failure of his previous videogame, Retro/Grade, which was not successful in regards to sales, yet was well-received by the critics. This cost him lots of money, his marriage and his mental health. However, instead of falling in depression forever, he gathered his strength and developed this atmospheric and terrific adventure.

Monochromatic graphics
Monochromatic graphics

The graphics are the outstanding point of this game. Do not expect realistic 3D visuals because it is not what you will find. The adventure has been designed in 2D, with monochromatic hand-drawn graphics. Black and white are the predominant colors of the environments, but red, yellow and some other colors also have their little appearance. Red for blood drops, of course, and yellow for doorknobs and other colors such as brown for cupboards, wardrobes, etc. Colored items are the only interactive thing you will find in this horror game. If you see color, try to interact because you can find useful items such as a candle, an axe or places to hide like the wardrobes.

The musical aspect is also a great feature of Neverending nightmares. Of course, the music is what provides the title with the famous jump scares, but it serves to keep you in a state of tension, too. The sound effects are well created. You can hear the doors opening, the rain, the wind, and even strange noises (from where they come, you have no idea) such as chains, moans, etc.


Even though the visuals stand out for their aesthetics instead of for their technology, they are enough to display very creepy images. The game shows characters and backgrounds full of details. The level of attention to detail is enormous. This way, you can see the pictures on the walls, with dreadful images, gore scenes such as the protagonist pulling out the veins of his arm, and some other quite disgusting things with all the details. Incredibly, though black lines drawn over white backgrounds compose all the visual features, the atmosphere that the creator has achieved is bewildering and perturbing.

Matt Gilgenbach suffered from depression and an obsessive-compulsive disorder some time ago, and he has wanted to express the feeling that his disorders caused him in this videogame

Once you download and start playing Neverending Nightmares, you will incarnate as Thomas, a tormented man who is not able to distinguish between reality and dreams. When controlling him, you will undertake a journey in his nightmares with the hope of finishing his torment. The developers bet for the survival horror gameplay with some exploration and puzzle elements. When an enemy appears, you can only either hide or run. However, Thomas is not famous for his stamina, and just after a few seconds of running, he cannot even walk, so running away from a monster is not the smartest option.

In regards to the plot, this videogame presents a story that is a bit complex to follow or fully understand. There are no texts and there are not too many dialogues, so you will have to make an effort to unravel all the mysteries. It transmits its story just by using images and visuals, and as the story is difficult, the video game does not penalize the deaths as severely as other survival horror adventures. If you die, you just wake up again, in the last checkpoint. In addition, you will not lose the items you have.

Neverending Nightmares Full Version Features

Here you can read the unique features of this terrifying adventure:

  • Hand-drawn graphics full of terrifying details
  • Easy controls since it has been developed in 2D
  • Interesting background story: it is based on a real story
  • Monochromatic backgrounds in which the colored items are the one you are free to interact with
  • Dreadful monsters and nightmares will hunt you throughout the adventure

If you like Neverending Nightmares and you want to know more about the videogame before you download it to your PC, feel free to visit the official website .

System Requirements

In this section, you can find the minimum system requirements that your PC needs to have to correctly download and play Neverending Nightmares:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or later
  • Processor: AMD Duron @ 2.0 GHz, Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.7 GHz or equivalent
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GT 520, ATI Radeon R5 230 or superior
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9
  • Hard Drive Space: 350 MB free on your PC