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Outlast: Whistleblower Full Version




Survives again to Mount Massive psychiatric besides the tension and terror

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, May 25, 2015

this installment of Outlast brings us back to death psychiatric Mount Massive Red Barrels Studios translate so well knew and filled with tension and scares. PlayStation 4 and PC receive this prequel that changes the lens through which the player enters the scares and dark, with little new but more hours of pure and simple survival horror.

A new point of view and a few hours before the events of the original. This time we took to giving the tip, the informant, the snitch psychiatric incident, the sanest of inmates aware of the way the absolute and extremely violent hands that is brewing in Mount Massive. This is Waylon Park, the computer with sneakers and T sending email -protagonista relief Thousands of Outlast- early in the game and that it is here to be a worker Murkoff Corporation. A trip in his disrupted memory and a new journey through the corridors and hidden rooms of the asylum to try to remember what exactly happened, how the chaos and violence in the crudest medical facilities soared, also what secrets are hidden behind the macabre experiment. Certainly this Whistleblower is more sadistic and daring than the original title, returns to make a special taste for the visceral and the macabre.


  • Squalid environment and a trip through the halls and corridors that achieves an atmosphere of tension
  • Design environments, placing enemies and other hazards or light bulbs even more acute suggestive atmosphere


  • Falling interest arrangement makes the somewhat less shocking or horrifying final stretch to start is repeated.



tell the secrets of a certain organization to the whole world you should be very careful

By Faith Mwari

On Monday, September 7, 2015

The storyline is very interesting whereby a whistleblower of a certain hospital decided to tell the secrets of that organization to the world through an email. And here we can see the trouble begins immediately when the administration realizes that their secrets are known to the world. The whistleblower finds himself in problems because then decided to use him as an experiment. The gameplay is very interesting whereby the patients in the whole hospital decides to turn against doctors and the guards. Therefore there is chaos everywhere in the institution because you will find everyone running after his life. The whistleblower is in problem since he was made a prisoner and he has to suffer the consequences of disclosing the secrets of that institution. Sometimes he must run and hide with an intention of running away from the prison but the security is tight and can not allow it to happen.


- Its graphics are clear

- The storyline is very interesting


Very strong and enjoyable storyline


  • the video game is very enjoyable
  • it has a very interesting storyline
  • the graphics are very strong


  • it can be very tricky to play the game




By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, June 15, 2015


This game for me is quite challenging and you as the player once you download the game you will find some difficulties but dot worry because I will give you some tips on how to play the game and therefore you don’t have to worry playing this game. There is a certain character in the game that is known as park and he is the main character of the game as the name suggests and what he does is that he blows the whistle and he does this by sending an email to a certain guy that is known as piles and he informs him what is going on at his workplace. The authorities of his work places as usual have him arrested and he is used as an experiment and this is because he leaked the secretes of the company to an outsider which is very serious crime.


The following are the features of outlast whistleblower full version

A character reveals to another person elsewhere what is going on at his company

The patients turn against the doctors


The game has a very great storyline.


  • The game has 3d graphics
  • The storyline is just epic


  • the game can be very addictive




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play with my friend and have a good time playing it because i heard it will scare the day light out of youband so that i can gave this page a tumbs up


  • Test software beacouse this game is scary.But i can try my power for II part outlast Whistleblower Full Version. First chooce our game is great

What similar programs have you used?
  • other games?? like some twitter accounts and this game once or twice but like i never really downloaded it here and im honestly kinda scared

  • Nothing, this is my first download in this page, and never I downdloader another similar programs, Outlast its good? i search some people talk about ths

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What do you like most about this program?
  • It helped me download outlast too, I played the original game using this web and it works perfectly, thank you very much. the quality is amazing

  • Free game download and a nice program on the internet for people to access blog and i just want to say that just keep this performance okay.

  • many videos and games for people to play like in pc i want to download outlast whistleblower because my friends say that this game is to good to play

  • horror and adventure fu always make my day even better but i need a phone to whistlebolwer maybe a fammiliar word i alway hears ok ok time to play the game

  • The jump scares because they just make you jump suddenly and it leaves me feeling like i should play games like this more often. There it is


Outlast: Whistleblower is a DLC of the indie videogame Outlast. Developed and published by Red Barrels Games, Whistleblower can be categorized as survival horror, as with its predecessor. This DLC acts as the prequel to the main title, even when part of the storyline happens at the same time as the main story.

He is looking for you...
He is looking for you...

Graphically speaking, this installment has even better graphics than its predecessor has. It is creepy and gory enough to wish it has worse visual effects, but today is not your lucky day; once you download and play this game, you will see the tiniest blood drop, and all the massacres that the patients of the asylum have inflicted on other patients and doctors. In this installment, there are more tortures, more psychopathic patients, and more darkness that in the main title.

The gameplay remains similar. As a real survival horror, you cannot fight and defend yourself. Your only alternative is to run or hide when a variant (a patient that has been "modified" and who is stronger and more violent than regular patients are) stalks you. You will have several places to hide, such as lockers, under beds, in ventilation pipes, or simple dark corners where you can curl up into a ball. Your only ally will be the famous camera that will serve you to record what you see and to see in the darkness with the night vision.

Frank Manera, a sadic Variant who wants to taste you
Frank Manera, a sadic Variant who wants to taste you

Do you really wanna come back to Mount Massive?

When playing, you will assume the role of Waylon Park, a software engineer who works in the asylum for the Murkoff Corporation and that is the "whistleblower" that sent the email to Miles Upshur (the main character of Outlast) in which he told all what was happening in the asylum. The plot starts here, when Park sends the email to Miles. As the saying goes "whistleblowers in jail don't last very long", and much less if instead of a jail you are in a creepy asylum. This way, Park is caught, and the heads of the Murkoff decide to turn him into one of their experiments. However, here is when the things start going mad in the asylum; the patients turn against doctors and guards and havoc is released everywhere.

This DLC acts as the prequel of the main title, even when part of the storyline happens at the same time as the main story

Thus, Waylon becomes a prisoner in the asylum, and he has to find a way to escape and become free. Nevertheless, the experiments that have suffered have their consequences, and his mind becomes fuzzy sometimes. As mentioned, Waylon will have to face the aggressive Variants just by hiding himself or by running away. Sometimes he can push the enemies, but this is not a great help when you face a huge and fat enemy who must weigh a ton.

In Outlast: Whistleblower, there are enemies that you already knew if you have played Outlast (it is recommendable to play the main game if you want to be aware of what happens in the DLC). They are the Brothers, or Waylon Park (the huge and fat guy). However, there are some new ones that will make you terrified. The first one is Frank Manera; a cannibalistic cook who has fun by cooking the rest of the patients and who wants to eat you as soon as he sees you. Do you think he is creepy? Well, the next one is actually disturbing; I'm talking about Eddie Gluskin "The Groom". He is a variant who is in the quest for love, but he thinks that every man of the asylum is the perfect bride for him. Nevertheless, he always fails and the "brides" end up dead because they are men instead of women. Better if you figure out the way they die when playing. If this are not reasons enough to avoid coming back to Mount Massive Asylum, you can click on here to see more reasons to run away from this place.

Join the party!
Join the party!

Outlast: Whistleblower Full Version Features

Here you can find the main features of Outlast: Whistleblower:

  • HD Graphics that allow you to see all the hideous details of the game
  • DLC for the main videogame Outlast
  • Complementary storyline that will complete the riddles of the main videogame
  • Survival gameplay in which you can only run or hide
  • New Variants to make your stay in Mount Massive a bit more terrifying
  • Available for PC and PlayStation 4

If you like Outlast: Whistleblower and you want to know more about this survival horror adventure before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s official website .

System Requirements

In order to download and play this survival horror game on your PC, it needs to have the following system requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Dual Core @ 2.2 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce 9800 GT, ATI Radeon HD @ 512 MB or superior
  • Hard Drive Space: 2 GB free on your PC