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P.T. (Silent Hills' Playable Teaser)





By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, June 15, 2015


This is a game that is very shocking at first once you get to download it and I can tell you for sure that the first time that I downloaded this game I could not imagine and once I downloaded it I first found myself in a very dark room and then a certain radio is playing in one of the rooms and guess what the news I here there are very shocking. First of all the house is very empty and the radio informs me that in that house before there used to live a family but unfortunately the head of the family decided to kill the wife and also the children and then ended up killing himself. First of all can you imagine this is the introduction then continue reading to know more?


The following are the features of P.T (silent hills’playerble teaser

The game has stunning graphics

The environment is horrifying.


A great horror game


  • It has a great horror game
  • The game is very fun to play


  • the game can be very addictive



The new horror game Silent Hills seriously reviewed by an arabic mind

By Hcen Bls

On Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Whatup this is a recent precise review of Silent Hills P.T

by an Arabic Mind

I noticed that the game is slowly slowly developping, too slowly maybe

, yeah it takes forever to come up and yet all we have is a playable teaser where you find yourself defensless

againt lisa in a house that maybe doesn't exist at all and a short trailer that is more likely comic

than horror with all those unnecesary colours making you feel like you watching "Toy Story" so

the game by far is a mix of Alien Isolation/Toy Story/The Walking Dead/Pulse

By far

the graphics are so gorgeous! and that's why they made the house interior shiny to let us behold the

new quality, it's like i'm right there in the house fronting lisa

Alright now the charac

, yeah the charac, i'm really really disapointed, the same guy from "The walking dead" with his

thick mustash and his ..his ugly sort of western rusted face and not forget above all that his annoying

old fashion haircut, a time i was sort of imagening how the new silent hill would be, i pictured a cool

YOUNG nigga with Jason Derulo's haircut wearing drop crotch jeans and nike sneakers!


our norman reedus stands still fronting pretty lisa while she tearing him apart, a lot a lot of possible

realistic interactions that i didn't experience

I really really hope that they save the

game before it's complete and please please design another cooler character!!!


  • Interesting Realistic gaming detailed shiny graphics
  • Awesome horror quality and brand new scare ideas


  • the character look too cheezy
  • the character doesn't do anything but walk and doen't even struggle against the ennemy
  • we don't see the character parts when walking or doing anything
  • no interactions with the environment whatso ever



PT (SILENT HILLS PLAYABLE TEASER it is avery good game with a good storyline

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Monday, November 2, 2015

The storyline of the game is a bit disturbing as it is horrifying. Once you download the game you become this unknown character who finds himself in a dark room with cockroaches and a door. You will be standing in front of a corridor and the news of the radio will be talking about that house you are in and it will be stating that the husband of that house murdered the wife and the his children and after he does that he commits suicide.

This game i in form of HD graphics and the atmosphere of the game is horrendous. As you stand and walk through the corridor you will now explore the memorie of a family which is now dead


HD graphics

Puzzles to solve

The atmosphere of the game is quit disturbing


it is a very fun game to play though it instils fear in you and makes you scared. The atmosphere of the game is very horrifying


  • it is a very addventures game
  • it is a very fun game to play


  • it a very Horrifying atmosphere




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to get scared and laugh sister rhturetyteruiywui uryuwerytuiet its the best thing to do. and pluse i se alot of youtuber do it so why not?

  • entertainment purposes in use of me enjoying my computer as a video game realist under go of many capabities at this point in time sir mcwebsite

  • to play and have fun with my family, we love scary movies, games, books ect. i believe that this game is perfect. ive seen many great reveiws on it also

  • Scare my wife by making her play it at night, cause i feel like it. also this reason i want it thing is bullshit, i hope you all hang yourselves.

  • To experience that encapsulating sense of fear that only Silent Hills and Hideo Kojima can provide. I also want to have a good scary time with my lady.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I haven't used any similar programs. But I will use more in the near future if they work nice and smooth. Thank you for making the PT available

  • I have played Majo no ie if that counts i guess. Also I reallyh liked silent hill I 'm not sure what question you're trying to ask here; all I want is to play PT.

  • ive used no other similar program to this one and thats because its the first time i download a game in the pc or laptop and i would like to

  • has never been I tried the same program and I will try now I think it is very interesting and exciting I was really interested tertatik memainkanya

  • I have never used any other progam like this before because if I had then I would be amazing and not bored out of my mind like everyone else.

What do you like most about this program?
  • I don't know. Pikachu is the most yellow, he, like me will conduct electricity with our cheeks. Snorlax is the best if you are looking for a pokemon to sleep on.

  • the horror aspect of this game is absolutely perfect in every way and leaves a lot for the player to expect with the upcoming silent hill game

  • scary spooky boo ahh scream scare halloween ghost girl boo jump aah scare also you need to play this game before silent hill comes out and its sdcary and good according to thaddeus

  • I think P.T. is really scary youtubers uploaded videos, i hope this works, because im going to have visits in home so i want to play horror games and scare they :D

  • Possible Horror, Increased jump factors and increased graphics/proceses. The game intially intrested me when I heard about it through a youtube video


P.T. is a free horror videogame supposedly developed by 7780s Studios. However, after you complete the adventure you will notice that actually, it is the playable teaser for the upcoming videogame Silent Hills, created by Hideo Kojima and developed by Konami. Everything you do when playing is in order to solve the final puzzle, which reveals the first trailer of the new release in the Silent Hill saga.

You will feel familiar with this corridor
You will feel familiar with this corridor

Everyone who has played some game of Kojima knows that with him, everything is in the details, and P.T. has the signature of Kojima everywhere. In addition, Guillermo Del Toro, famous for his creepy movies (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, Blade II), has also collaborated both in the creation of P.T. and in the definitive Silent Hills. As a sample of the details, I can tell you that the name of the supposed developer’s studio, 7780, is the zip code of Shizuoka. It is a Japanese village that, when pronounced in their language, sounds pretty similar to Silent Hill.

This teaser is more like a haunted attraction than like a real game. The only things you can do are walk, control the camera and sometimes, you can get items (the appreciated flashlight) and zoom into objects. The important point is to investigate everything and to have a closer look into every item in order to trigger the next events.

Say hello to Lisa
Say hello to Lisa


Once you download it from your console, the game starts with you (an unknown character) in a dark room with cockroaches and a door. The first thing you notice when you enter the door is that you are in front of a corridor and the news is on the radio. The news is a bit terrifying; the family that lived there was murdered by the husband, that after killing his wife and his children he commits suicide. What a beautiful story to start playing!

P.T. is the playable teaser for the upcoming videogame Silent Hills, created by Hideo Kojima and developed by Konami

You will walk through the corridor and explore the memories of the now dead family. Soon, you will notice that there is only a corridor, a corner, and another corridor. The corridor has some windows, the door you passed when you entered the house, three more doors and nothing more. Two doors are closed (for now), and the final one is the exit...or not? Once you pass through the door, you will be at the beginning of the corridor again and at first sign nothing changes. Nevertheless, when you complete the way a few times, you will start feeling the sense of unease of being in a world where everything seems normal, but that is changing gradually into horror and fear before your eyes.

Say hi to Lisa again
Say hi to Lisa again

To start the walkthrough, I have to say that there are multiple ways to achieve the three laughs of the baby and the trailer of Silent Hills, but this is the one that has worked most times. After passing through the whole game, just after the endless red-lit corridor, you will start the regular corridor again. You will have to wait until the clock strikes 00:00. A ghostly noise will start sounding, and you will have to go to the phone and look at it. Then, you will notice the presence of Lisa close to you. The key to achieving the first laugh of the baby is placing Lisa behind you, but not so close to attack you. You can use the headphones to notice where Lisa is with no need to see her.

Once you hear the first laugh, you must walk exactly ten steps in the direction to the radio (or the direction you want), and in the tenth you must stop walking and wait for the second laugh. Just after that, the controller will start vibrating. You must not press any button, and when the vibration stops, you will hear the last laugh. Then, you have to go to the phone and press R3. A voice will say that you are the chosen one; you must go to the door, and that is all. Right after this, the Silent Hills trailer will be displayed.

She will be stalking you throughout the whole nightmare
She will be stalking you throughout the whole nightmare

P.T. (Silent Hills' Playable Teaser) Features

The main features of P.T. are listed below:

  • Terrifying atmosphere that will make you get the goosebumps
  • Tricky puzzles to solve
  • HD Graphics to see every scary detail
  • Survival horror in which you can do nothing but walk and look around
  • Creepy soundtrack: you will hear nothing until you hear it right behind you
  • The ghost can appear whenever she wants
  • The storyline is hideous and perverse
  • It will reveal the trailer of the upcoming videogame Silent Hills
  • Created by Kojima along with Guillermo Del Toro

If you like what you have read in this review, and you want to know more about this playable teaser before you download P.T. to your console, feel free to visit the official website .

See how pretty she is
See how pretty she is

System Requirements

Here you can find the minimum system requirements to be able to download and play this horror game:

  • Operating System: PlayStation 4
  • Free Space: 1.3 GB available on your console