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It is always good news to have a new title for mobile devices in our hands, especially when its development has been taken care of by a team focused on improving its product before its release for quite some time. Legend of Heroes is an open-world MMORPG designed specifically for mobile devices. This title is released as a free download for Android devices. iOS users must wait for its release for their devices since it is currently under development.

This title will take you to the lands of a fantasy Earth, crowded by mystical creatures. Humans collide with the world of the fairies, increasing their power and influence, even surpassing the power of the Kingdom of these creatures. In this context, the Dread King Rideran tries to take over the world after his loss during the Great War, under the influence of the evil Antares. The hero arrives to Nottingham village, expecting to be either the salvation or the ruin of the world.

The hero arrives to Nottingham village, expecting to be either the salvation or the ruin of the world.

The technical aspect of Legion of heroes is frankly astonishing for mobile devices. It really looks like a PC title for smartphones, with great details in its character design and the quality of the background stages. The world in the game is open, so you can explore any part and travel to wherever you want, exploring all the secrets that await you in each city.

Fight for your realm
Fight for your realm


If you are used to tiny team battles, Legion of Heroes may surprise you in the long term. Featuring battles of 45v45 heroes, each minuscule conflict could lead to a massive war, using the different abilities of your characters to get rid of annoyances. These battles feature a dynamic tactic disposition that determines the power and use of skills, trying different combinations and formations. The game incorporates a daily reward system in which you will have to explore diverse dungeons looking for the petitioned request.

The story is not determined by default. You can decide your side, choosing to be either the salvation of the world or the dark blade punishing those followers of the bright side. The choice will influence some events during the game, but that’s something you have to bear according to your chosen alignment.

As a MMORPG, the multiplayer component is basic for its gameplay, and so the developers have put some effort into making it more competitive. The in-game conflicts against other online players will count for your personal score, causing you to climb up or down the online leaderboard, according to your number of victories of defeats.

Legion of heroes Features

Discover the main important features that you will find in Legion of Heroes for Android:

  • Embark on this epic MMORPG adventure fighting for or against Antares, choosing sides for the devastation clash
  • Get into a free mobile open-world in which the exploration will discover new emplacements such as Tower of Chaos
  • Use the incredible formations and combos in the tactical battles ahead
  • Collect the more than 100 heroes available and make them invincible
  • Join forces with your friends and create a powerful alliance to take on the most difficult challenges of the game
  • Enjoy the PVP online mode battling against other players to climb up to the top of the leaderboard

Complete your grasp of the information by visiting the game’s official website and discover all the secrets of this game for download.

System Requirements

Here you can find the resources needed to run Legion of heroes:

  • Operating System: Android 4 or later
  • Size: 350MB free space and additional for patches to download