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Classic JRPGs are in their revival age thanks to the constant remakes the game studios are releasing once again. This time, the title chosen for joining the digital collection of mobile games is Dragon Quest IV, one of the most popular among Dragon Quest lovers. This game is available for download for iOS and Android mobile systems, offering several improvements compared with the previous versions for consoles.

The storyline is divided into different chapters in which you will use different heroes from every corner of the fantasy world of Dragon Quest IV. The four first episodes of the game will serve as an introduction for of all the heroes, from Ragnar McRyan the knight warrior, Tsarevna Alena, Meena to the starring hero that will meet everyone in the fifth episode.

Almost 25 years after its initial release, this game has been through a lot of remakes for several systems, but its original essence is still there, amongst the low definition sprites.

Almost 25 years after its initial release, this game has been through a lot of remakes for several systems, but its original essence is still there, amongst the low definition sprites. The original content has been brought from the previous edition released for NDS, with 3D backgrounds, whilst the 2D characters remain. The graphics may not be much better, when taking into account the time that has passed since the original release, but Square-Enix decided to respect the initial work and the 2D aspect.


On the contrary to what users may think, Dragon Quest IV for Android and iOS have been designed to be played in portrait mode, so the vertical view of the title may seem odd the first time you run the game. Within this mode, you can play one-handed, with the digital pad placed on the part below. When it comes to the battle, the whole screen is filled with the fighting menu and the monster in the middle.

Dragon Quest IV is a turn-based RPG, following the original precepts of the genre. In this case, you can control the actions of your main character, while the rest of the party is controlled by the tactics menu, using default movements according to the situation you choose, from heavy attacks to defense position. For this mobile version, you can set the automatic option for fighting the battles on its own, without losing time in choosing the free attacks.

One of the parts of Dragon Quest IV, Chapters of the Chosen that the players liked the most was the Casino, from where you can obtain additional rewards. Play the slot machines, try poker or the challenging monster battles. Enjoy the beautiful designs by Akira Toriyama, the popular manga author of Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump.

Fight against dreadful monsters
Fight against dreadful monsters

Dragon Quest IV 1.0.1 Features

Discover the main features of Dragon Quest IV for mobile devices:

  • Enjoy the story of the warrior hero that will save the Dragon Quest world now on mobile systems
  • Meet all the characters like Maya, the dancer; Meena, the fortune-teller; Boryam, known as a cantankerous conjurer; Ragnar McRyan, the knight warrior of bonnie Burland and much more characters
  • Chat with the companions that follow you and get a deep, inside knowledge about the world around you
  • Take a look at the beautiful cities with a full and free 360 degree viewpoint
  • Quicker fights with the automatic mode or the manual tactics options the game provides
  • Get into the Casino for even more fun playing poker, slot machines and much more
  • Complete the full 6 chapters of the game and discover the full story of this remake

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System Requirements

Take a look at the minimum requirements before the download of the game:

  • Operating System: Android 2.3 (compatibility depends on the device), iOS 7 or later
  • Size: about 180MB free space on the device