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For what are you going to use the program?
  • my own one which i created by my self and that is online line without anyone copying it or any thing so thats my program are you happy now sir?


The best way for to stay safe and secure is, without any possible doubt, is to put together a little team of monsters capable of fighting with all their awesome power. Monster Squad is an RPG that follows the same concept of creature collection, made popular by Pokémon and influencing a whole generation. The game has been released for free download on Android mobile systems.

Although it may be similar in some aspects to the classic RPG by Nintendo, it is really quite far from the original. Battles lack a heavy strategy element, allowing your creatures to attack almost automatically. Whilst the battle goes on, the bar placed at the bottom of the screen will be filling, and that can be used to trigger special attacks instead of the basic ones. If you are used to classic role-playing titles, it may take some time to master its battling system.

The Arena mode will take your monsters and those of your friends from Facebook into the battlefield.

The technical aspect stands out due to its cartoonish design and the charming little monsters. Monster Squad is meant to be colorful, and so does with vivid graphics. In a way, the the monsters look like they've come from some modern animation series, and this childish aspect that makes you to want to hug even the fiercest of monsters in your squad like cats from the Internet.

Cute monsters fighting each others
Cute monsters fighting each others


As a free mobile game, the developers have chosen to follow the classic energy system for limiting the time you can play the game continuously. This is a way to introduce payments through the in-app store in order to fund the service. In any case, this energy will determine the battles and quests you can take before running out of stamina.

In order to create a powerful team, in Monster Squad you can collect more than 500 different creatures, train them to boost their skills and even fuse them to create stronger monsters. These creatures are sorted by type, and there are only 4 that exist; water, fire, earth and neutral. Each one has its advantage against the opposite, making especially useful to try and balance the type of your creatures before going head-to-head with the enemy. Quests are meant to gain bonuses and weekly rewards, by discovering the secrets awaiting in the different islands.

One of the main attractive points of Monster Squad is the online mode where you can play against your friends. The Arena mode will take your monsters and those of your friends from Facebook into the battlefield. Compete in the online leaderboards to check who has the most powerful monster party and enjoy the in-game animation quality of this RPG with this Android download.

New creatures available with updates
New creatures available with updates

Monster Squad 1.04.11075 Features

Check out all the main features of this Monster Squad title:

  • Embark on the mystifying journeys, discovering more details of your dangerous adventure
  • Collect more than 500 different monsters and train them into bigger creatures
  • Master the types of monsters, fire, earth, water and neutral
  • Fuse your own monsters and create rare creatures with better skills and stats
  • Enjoy Monster Squad on a tablet device for better resolution
  • Challenge your friends in the online Arena mode over Wi-Fi connection and climb to the top of the leaderboard

Check the official app website for getting additional information before the download.

Set your powerful party
Set your powerful party

System Requirements

Here you can find the minimum resources for running Monster Squad:

  • Operating System: Android 4 or later
  • Size: 29MB free space before the installation