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BEST FIENDS, Collect them all and combating slugs! If you can...

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

No, it's not a misprint. This game I analyze today's gamer Mobile is named Best Fiends. It is the first game in the start-up American-Finnish Seriously and has been released this month of October in the AppStore.

The Fiends, as they define it, and sleepers are mythical creatures that inhabit the world of Minutia. Why Best Fiends? Because you'll have to bring the best to end the nasty slugs that are leaving pringando all his tiny world.

In the end, despite the graphics and the whole story currados mounted after this game, Best Fiends's just a puzzle. We must connect the symbols of the same color belonging to each of the families of the characters to launch attacks on slugs and achieve the goals we mark each phase. Unlike other games in the same category, the objects can be connected either horizontally or vertically and diagonally. That is, when you can have direct contact and nothing prevents it can connect. The longer the chain, the more damage will slugs.

What sets it apart from other puzzles? Well, passing each stage you're getting some keys, diamonds and cosmic fleas. However, it really allows us is to find new characters to play with and complement our family of bugs. With cosmic fleas can raise our Fiends and thus make them evolve. His power will increase and give us a power that will allow us to do more damage to each connection. One of the tricks is that Best Fiends to make a connection that will make can see the damage done. So, if we see that it is not enough we can undo and try another combination.

The puzzles are not very big because as you can see from the pictures on the top half of the screen we have a scenario where we should go slugs liquidating appear.


  • Best Fiends is quite dynamic.
  • The characters are funny and very well worked. But certainly what are the scenarios highlight


  • In the end, despite the graphics and the whole story currados mounted after this game, Best Fiends's just a puzzle.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I want to play this game on my home personal computer because I find it very interesting and would like to experience it every single free mom

  • im going to play this on my desktop computer since my tablet screen has yet to be fixed. I dont have a smart phone so this is the only other

  • to download match3 and hidden object games that vare just recently coming out, because i have a window7 desktop home premium computer. all i want to do is play games

  • To play the game, to have fun with my daugther, teaching her some important mental habilities, as think about the right choice, and learn how to do this

  • the characters are lovely and animations are great, a lot of excitig levels, it is highly addictive, my children ad husband also love the game

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have never used any thing like this i just got given the laptop and i got told by my best friends that this game is great i dont even know how to play

What do you like most about this program?
  • its constantly challanging Just when you think the game is almost over there is more to come Each level is tricky but fun to play. The rewards are always a plus

  • This game is addictive. Can't seem to stop playing it. I start playing and before you know it two hours has gone by.Mote fun than candysoda saga

  • ilike love the number 21 it o aweome and this webite is like o amazballs i me an i cant wait till these letter are finnihed ilike got only 2#


All Match-3 puzzle game may seem the same the first time you put your hands on them, but even if that’s true from time to time there always appear new titles offering new features. Best Fiends belongs to this kind of titles. Developed by Seriously, a Company formed by former workers from Rovio, Disney, Fox and Natural Motion, Best Fiends’ approach is addictive and simple enough for every user. App available to download completely for free on iOS online software platform, and soon for Android users.

Our little friends of Minutia have lived in harmony with the rest of creatures until the mayhem of a meteor that has smashed Mount Boom. Now, the former peaceful Slugs have turned into greedy creatures forming an army that looks forward to taking over the entire world. You mission is to form a powerful band of brave heroes fighting against the menace of these Slugs.

You mission is to form a powerful band of brave heroes fighting against the menace of these Slugs.

The visual aspect of the game is very colorful, showing the Minutia characters you chose in the part above the matching screen. The game has nothing innovative about the interface, being something similar to other titles of the genre. This way even casual gamers will feel comfortable playing to Best Fiends since it doesn’t come with a different approach. The music has been composed by Heitor Pereira, known for his work in Despicable Me, and finally performed by the Budapest Art Orchestra.

Deal with giant bosses
Deal with giant bosses


Best Fiends introduces some features of character development, such as in any classic RPG game, that allows you to increase the power of your attacks. In this match-3 title you have to destroy the different Slugs and bosses by combining the tiles in screen. Joining more tiles will release more powerful attacks, dealing additional damage.

There are different characters available that will act according to the different tiles that you combine. Completing the different levels they will receive experience that will boost their stats and finally making them evolve into further stages. Make the different playable characters such as Temper, Kwincy, Tantrum or Bob evolve into their ultimate state. Each one of them has special powers and skills to use during the stage, so customize your team to make better combinations.

The Seriously developer team updates the game in order to add more content to download free, something that severely increases the number of levels that it offers to the player. Additionally, depending on the stage, Best Fiends offers new gameplay designs, varying the same game scheme mechanics to not make it so repetitive.

Best Fiends 1.0.3 Features

These are the main features for Best Fiends for your mobile device:

  • Classic Match-3 puzzle title with an addictive gameplay and character development
  • Fight against the Slugs with your Minutia band of heroes using their special powers
  • Collect all kinds of small creatures and make them to evolve for using them in your adventure
  • Incredible graphics and smooth animations on your mobile device with a charming artwork design
  • More additional content to download in further updates

If you want to know more about the game before the installation, check the official website .

Make different kinds of combinations
Make different kinds of combinations

System Requirements

Discover the minimum resources for playing to Best Fiends by Seriously in your mobile system:

  • Operating System: iOS 7 or later version
  • Size: 72.2MB free space on the device