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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play on my laptop and have a good time and get my overall up to a 90 because i had the game but it for some stupid reason uninstalled like

  • I am going to download the game Madden Mobile so that I am able to play it instead of sitting here doing nothing and being bored all day long.

  • to play football and have a good team and build one with really good players like aaron rodgers and doing auctions while playing live events

  • I will use this program for gaming, I also love football, play and it is fun to play Madden mobile am,I alsolove EA sports and they have great Graffias

  • in order to play madden mobile on my windows 10 tablet. if i can use anything to see my row was somewhat inside my zone so nits not what eds

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have no idea i don't usually play on similat progras, so i decided to give this a good shot. That bway I can be able to move on and not use same program


  • i need to do something on my new computer besides watch funny videos all the time like play madden moblie its very fun and very awesome to play

  • stick football and thats really all that i can remember so I really dont know otherwise so please let me download my favrote game madden moble

  • I have used other similar programs such as bluestacks. However, bluestacks requires administrator password when downloading so it isn't made easy. with PHP NUKE, I can accomplish this task.

What do you like most about this program?
  • play games and have fun all day and donload apps like madden moblie or sports games you guys make it easy to donwload games instead of doing a millon thing on other sites

  • your love for your costomers. you give somuch respect to us. you always answer the questions is have. i canplayall my favorite game nos on computer

  • What I like most about this program is that its an good impersonation of NFL football. It has realistic players with really close stats. Goo

  • It is fun to play with my family and Friends together by each other house hold and even when we get bored all the time and have nothing to do

  • great gameplay, great plays, awesome graphics for a mobile application. why do i have to write so many words. i already explained myself in the first sentence.


As with every year, a new installment of sport games are released for the main platforms. This time, EA sports has included mobile systems as one of the most important platforms due to their popularity among users. Madden NFL Mobile is a new approach to football titles on mobile devices, maintaining gameplay from major consoles and PC systems, now adapted to touch interfaces. The mobile app is available to download free for Android and iOS alike.

Since the application has been released for completely different hardware, the technical aspect of Madden NFL Mobile may not be the best, but fulfills the expectations of the fans. The level of detail of the player in-game is enough for average smartphones, but the title looks much better on tablets than on smaller systems. The movements in general are realistic and follow the tactics based on real games really well. The more powerful the GPU of your mobile device is, the more detailed the game will finally be.

The level of detail of the player in-game is enough for average smartphones, but the title looks much better on tablets than on smaller systems

Madden NFL Mobile bases its game system on the energy or stamina bar, which determines how many times you can play until it is finally empty. In order to refill it, you can wait or purchase additional stamina in the in-app store. This way you can choose between different options for enjoying the Madden NFL Mobile experience.

Use the player skills for awesome moves
Use the player skills for awesome moves


The control system has been also adapted to a new way of playing. The user will find a digital joystick on the left side of the screen with which they will control the movements. For performing passes and changing players, the game provides a unique button on each player for choosing the best pass option. An additional skill is placed on the right side, which can change according to the game situation for showing the best choice to the player. With the new scheme of control, EA tries to make its new Madden Mobile a more fast-paced title than before, aiding the player to save time choosing the best possible option in play.

The interface has been designed for being user-friendly with different options available. Directly from this game you can create your own roster with your favorite players to form the ultimate fantasy team. Customize all the aspects of your team and make any kind of savvy selections for creating a balanced roster for the 16-game season. Connect the mobile app to the Internet for the multiplayer mode, playing online with your friends, creating your own league and showing who is the best football player around.

Choose the strategies to perform
Choose the strategies to perform

Madden NFL Mobile 1.7 Features

Check and discover the main features for this EA title:

  • Enjoy the ultimate Madden NFL experience built specifically for mobile devices
  • Build your own football team from your favorite franchise to your customized roster
  • Adapted gameplay for touchscreen interfaces showing the best possibilities in real-time for defensive and head-to-head offensive shootouts
  • Enjoy the online multiplayer mode playing against your friends for winning the season
  • Complete the daily challenge and obtain all kinds of rewards

If you are interested in the game app, check the and discover all about this title.

System Requirements

Check the requirements for this software on your mobile device:

  • Operating System: Android 3.2, iOS 7
  • Size: 94.8MB free space
  • Internet connection required for online mode