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Cars: Fast as Lightning 1.0.1

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By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Gameloft here we come again producing one of the best in the world of racing games I love you gameloft and I have always loved you kudos for this amazing game that you have released.This game you have to customize your cars and also you have to open many shops in your area so that you can customize your car to make it be the best in racing with the other cars.The more you add effecting items for example springs to your car the more and faster your car will be able to run and win the competition thereby enabling you to unlock many more cars which are even more effective than your previous car.There is an accelerator to make your car be able to move faster and also breakes so as to slow down or stop the car.


The following are the features of cars:fast as lightning 1.0.1

As you win races you are able to unlock more powerful cars

There are incredible nitro boosts


Download and play this game if you truly want to have fun and enjoy.


  • It has a good soundtrack.
  • The game has stunning 3d graphics


  • the game can be very addictive
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Cars: Fast As Lightning: Best Android game for your toddler!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Wednesday, October 29, 2014

When I was a child, I used to watch Disney’s Cars series on Jetix channel on weekdays. I was very fond of the Lightning McQueen, a cute red car, who dash through rugged pathways and gives me enough adrenaline rush. I appreciate the effort taken by Gameloft, to port that nostalgic title as an Android/iOS game.

Cars: Fast as Lightning effectively utilizes your mobile GPU to produce stunning, movie like visuals blessed by amazing detailing. Smoke and particle effects also resemble movie to a great extend. The game boasts an unparalleled physics engine, which can provide tons of fun. As the game aims mostly kids, control mechanism is made as light as possible. But racing experience is not still compromised.

Cars: Fast as Lightning can provide hours of fun to both you and your child. It comes with all their favorite characters and therefore they will definitely like it. If your child is crying to get all cars, unlock all of them instantly through in-app purchase. The game is absolutely perfect in every sense. You don’t have to hesitate to click download button, as the developer is Gameloft!


  • Movie like graphics with great detailing
  • High quality background music and soudns
  • Amazing physics for unparalleled car experience


  • Almost all missions look similar
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race with funny cars but they are very fast as lightning how awesome

By Faith Mwari

On Monday, November 2, 2015

The cars as fast as lightening is a game of racing cars of different types and makes. This race is full of fun and excitements. It involves racing of cars in different geographical areas where the graphics maps are made to guide the cars.As your play the game you will realize that you need to understand how it is played because you need to know how to race other cars. the game is easy and has a lot of fun because you can race cars and even lock or unlock some cars for you to win. the popular car lets the other racing cars to manage and maintain their own racetrack so that it can challenge them and this is where the players takes control over the situation and this gives you the ability to manage any kind of element for your track.


- Game based of official moves of cars

- Different and latest models

- User friendly and easy to manage


It is easy to play and very enjoyable


  • the game play is very simple
  • it is funny to race with the cars
  • you enjoy racing with other cars


  • it has no storyline so it becomes somehow boring later
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • 4 year old kid to play. he needs to learn to play and is a big fan of lightining mcqueen racing car. hence now downloading free version. paid one later. thanks

  • entertain my boy since he love games and enjoys doing this after his school homework or when his friends are not around. this keeps him bussy

  • Beacause i use the program every day and every night and morning i played cars hotshot racing with my opponents i test drive dj at classic race but i got one star

  • I want to make son happy with this game on his computer because today is his 6 birthday and due to my financial problem I cannot make a special party

  • play games for lightening mcqueen with my lovely son and family on holiday everyday until i get tired sleepless nights until we get back holi

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have never done this before, my first time downloading anything off the internet. My son is really into disney cars right now and thought he would love this

  • Trying for the first time ,Let us see how does it go.I have no experience with your downloading service prior to this.And do not push people to write so much to download a file

What do you like most about this program?
  • for kids enjoyments i like to have it in my computer when they are free on weekends, keep them in the house not going out for movies thanks .

  • speed and hilarious characters to race with such as Frenchesto and Mador. I like china lightning Mcqueen. I enjoy competition and winning. Lets roll babe

  • Don't know. I never used it Jen modern.Macklin n.Knuth ceased get you out please.for task. This is ridiculous.just download the bane game now

  • Trying for the first time. Let us see how does it go. I have no experience with your downlaoding service prior to this. And do not push people to write so much t downlaod a file.


Just like the most popular song of Grease, “Grease Lightning”, prepare your car for the races. Cars: Fast as Lightning is a game that combines racing with strategy elements usual in current mobile games trends. This game, developed by Gameloft using Disney’s license is available for free download for Android, Windows Phone and iOS alike.

After the events of the animation movies, Radiator Springs is back on the map thanks to the efforts of Lightning McQueen. Now, the popular car is going to let other cars own their racetracks in order to challenge other rivals, and this is where the player takes control over the situation. Building the new event will require your ability to manage any kind of element for your track.

The game is technically good, especially when it comes to the racing part.

The game is technically good, especially when it comes to the racing game part. The animations of the cars are really similar to what you would see in the movies, which shows the level of detail Gameloft has put in this mobile title. The animated design of the new cars is similar to the original, having a clear influence from the original films. The high-quality graphics look amazing on new high definition screens, especially on the Retina Display of the Apple devices.

Create your own tracks
Create your own tracks


Cars: Fast as Lightning combines the action of the racing games with the management of the strategy titles for mobile devices. First of all, you need to have in mind the different resources for creating the track of Radiator Springs. Introduced by Lightning McQueen and his partner Mater, you will have to make the area a bit fancier by opening new shops that will grant you new items and elements. According to your progress, you will unlock more cars, beating your rivals in exciting races or fulfilling different requests.

The races require your ability for knowing where and when to accelerate. You'll find included a virtual accelerator to speed up and slow down your car. In general terms the gameplay is easy to learn, so it won’t be too difficult for the kids. Since the game is aimed for the high-speed, you can customize your cars with any kind of element for improving the acceleration-charged gameplay, with high-octane gasoline engines and incredible nitro boosts.

As long as you progress in the game, you will unlock new parts for your tracks, as well as new cars brought from the movies or completely original ones designed for the game. The game introduces in-app purchases, but it is completely unnecessary unless you want to unlock everything in almost no time at all. No additional download elements will be required for adding all the features for this free-to-play kids title.

Any kind of element is available for the tracks
Any kind of element is available for the tracks

Cars: Fast as Lightning 1.0.1 Features

Discover the main features that you can enjoy in this Cars: Fast as Lightning title:

  • Game based on the official movies of Cars, by Disney/Pixar Studios, especially designed for kids
  • Enjoy and drive many different nitro-charged and turbo-boosted car models with a user-friendly gameplay
  • Build your customizable 3D race tracks with the content you unlock
  • Entertaining cutscenes videos introducing the different events of the game with Lightning McQueen and Mater
  • Customize your car characters with the skins you get or purchase from the in-app store
  • Race against all the possible opponents avoiding obstacles and optimizing your results

Discover the world of Cars and all about the game by visiting the following .

System Requirements

These are the main features for Cars: Fast as Lightning that you should review before the download:

  • Operating System: Windows Phone 8, Android 4, iOS 6 or later
  • Size: Approximately 101MB free space, depending on the version