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Asylum is a horror video game developed and published by the Argentinian company, Senscape. Augustín Cordes founded Senscape in 2010, and it became popular thanks to its previous release, Scratches. It is only available for PC; Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux. It has been developed with Dagon engine, an engine that the own company has developed for the game. It is focused especially on graphics, is multiplatform and designed for adventure games.

In the Asylum, you are not alone. You will hear screams, moaning, crying, sobbing and more

Asylum is a point-and-click game in which you will have to explore a huge building that is in decay. It has almost collapsed, and it includes about one hundred rooms including large dining rooms, corridors and halls. Graphics are very detailed, and you will be able to see even the tiniest particles and textures of the building. Sounds are something that will raise your hair. You can hear your own steps and your own breath. If you enter a room with too much dirt or dust, the character will start coughing, if it is too much cold, you can see the breath and the character will complain about it.


When playing, you will feel lots of sensations. Beginning with the visuals, which are a pleasure to the eye, and closing with the sounds. As mentioned above, all have been designed with the Dagon Engine, which provides Asylum with a spectacular realism. The mechanics are the same as a point-and-click game. You are free to explore the whole building, but usually, you will have to find some item (such as a key) or solve some kind of puzzle to find access from one a room to another. There are four floors and a basement in the building, and you will have to pass through the entire map to discover the mystery and figure out what happened in there.

In the Asylum, you are not alone. You will hear screams, moaning, crying, sobbing and more. You will also encounter some "people" in the hospital. There are people will give you clues or will scare you when they appear suddenly and unexpectedly. However, the spooky thing about those people is that you do not know if they are actual people, ghosts of dead people, or your own imagination.

Do not leave any corner unexplored. There are items and interesting things everywhere. On the walls, there are press clips, photos, and other things that will guide you in your investigation. In addition, there are also maps of the Asylum to let you know where you are and lead you to the correct room. Since the asylum is so big, these maps are quite useful if you get lost.

Asylum 0.0.1 Features

Here you can read about the main features of this adventure:

  • Hanwell Mental Institute is a huge building with about 100 rooms and five floors
  • You can download the teaser trailer to test the videogame
  • The storyline will give you the goosebumps
  • Point-and-click gameplay in which you have to explore everything
  • About 15 hours of gameplay depending on your skills and abilities
  • Josh Mandel appears as a voice actor for the main character

If you like Asylum, and you want to know more about this adventure before you download it to your PC, feel free to sneak a peek on the official website .

System Requirements

Here you can read up on the system requirements that your PC needs to have to correctly download and play Asylum.

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core @ 1.80 GHz, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce 6600, AMD Radeon HD 4250
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9
  • Hard Drive Space: 2 GB free on your PC